John P. Engiebottom is the founder of the original Engieclan (1st generation).

648px-TPH Engineer

Early Life Edit

John was born in 1889 to a family of bakers. For most of his youth John lived in Italy-2, the little known sequel to Italy. At age 14, John had already crafted his first invention, a prequel to Minecraft. Sadness soon struck as the Italy-2 government soon claimed the prequel as a government protected property. With a newfound hatred for Italy-2, John molded a bread basket to sail across the Atlantic. After 2 anguishing years, he had finally docked at the island of Texianos.

Career Edit

John took up many jobs in Texianos before finally settling as an apprentice to an elevator mechanic. Together they created the first exploding elevator. This discovery soon led them to build the first teleporter. They were soon sent into hiding as the local populace feared their inventions. With no way to spread their knowledge to other engineers, they formed the Engieclan to unionize and advance the world of machinery.

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